Thursday, August 11, 2016

More Boston from Saturday, July 9 to Monday, July 11, 2016

Saturday our conference formally began
and it was possible to go to the convention centre without going outside.  In fact that was the shortest route.  
I was busy from about 8 am until 5 going to sessions and visiting the book displays

and at a certain point I looked outside in shock and realized I hadn't been outdoors all day!  One of the best things about being retired and living in Vancouver is I am always outside.  i have to admit it wasn't a very nice day and it was actually chilly.
We took a taxi to go to a historic restaurant for a group dinner

by the time we came out to get a taxi home it was really pouring!
The next day I vowed to go outside and I did
although the weather still wasn't great
but i did find colour in Trader Joe's flower department
and found some interesting architecture on Boyston Street in what is called the Back Bay
Just a block away

I found charming Newbury Street

and we ended up eating in the restaurant below for dinner (excellent)
I was very happy to be outside!

and after my next session I brought Donna back here for lunch at Roost Bistro where we even got to sit outside!
after a busy afternoon and a reception we returned to Newbury Street for dinner with friends and later chocolate on Boyston Street (I think my battery must have died and I neglected to get the name of the shop)

Monday summer had definitely reappeared in Boston
although we were busy all day at the conference but I did get a bit of fresh air
Before we took on the packing challenge (you get lots of books when you go to the International Literacy Association Conference) we had dinner just near our hotel and fire station
at Dillon's and we had lovely meals!
and then we found a great ice cream shop on Newbury!
and it was a beautiful evening!
As we walked home
I loved this advertisement across from our hotel-we are not anti gun, we are for life, urging for gun control...
we were sad that we were leaving Boston as we had lots more we would have liked to see
but more adventure awaited us

as Tuesday morning we were heading for
Cape Cod!  

to Boston July 7-8, 2016

It has taken me awhile to get this posted!
my summer time hop across the continent
but better late than never!
I had an early morning flight from Vancouver-followed by a Canada Line trip from home

I got lucky and had an  empty seat next to me and caught up on my movie watching until we landed in Newark.  Somehow I was randomly given a 4S on my boarding pass and spent an hour waiting for a female agent and then having to be frisked and x-rayed and having all my belongings gone through in my suitcase.  I had a small taste of what it must feel like to be treated like a criminal when you are totally innocent.  And this was my first flight since I got a NEXUS pass!
but we did land in Boston
and made it to our hotel where Donna said we had to try Boston Cream Pie!
Our view from the Sheraton wasn't exactly stellar nor was the weather-cold and cloudy
but the stuffed lobsters in a store between our hotel and the adjacent convention centre couldn't help but cheer us up!
and then we were off on a hop on hop off tour.  It was Donna's first trip to Boston.  I had been before but my class trip was a day here in 1987!
I think that is the Charles River above
and above is MIT
It is always a little tricky taking pictures out of buses!
eventually we reached Boston Commons and proceeded on foot!

We toured the Park Street Church

then went into the Common

We liked the carousel!

but we were on a mission
so to the Boston Public Garden we went which is adjacent to the Commons
Here you can see the statues of the ducks from Make Room for Ducklings 
I love the picture below as real ducklings seem to be looking at one of the swan boats just like in the book!
Right across from the park is the bar and restaurant that inspired the popular TV show, Cheers
So this is where we had lunch

and then we were back on the bus
after our overview of Boston we were back to the hotel and soon were walking to Fenway Park for a Red Sox game.  We passed a firehall along the way and had a friendly fireman pose for us!
It was a neat walk

and soon we were approaching the stadium

I want to give you a bit of the taste of the atmosphere!
Donna was in pursuit of a particular Red Sox purse but she didn't find the right one!
Here's the park before the game had begun
We took an elevator up to a bar where they was supposed to be a gathering of people from the International Literacy Association convention.  We were impressed by the fact our young elevator operator was reading!
We met a few interesting characters

We were surrounded by enthusiastic fans and no doubt, other tourists
and here we are at the game

I confess I am not a big baseball fan but it was definitely an experience to be here so I will share a few more video clips!  We became instant David Ortiz fans
It was fun to see fans of all ages and participate in the song rituals!
And of course we enjoyed this familiar song in the right setting!

and Donna made me stay to the very end and happily the Red Sox defeated Tampa Bay!
So as you can see
we had a great time our first day in Boston…Stay tuned for more!